T.E.M for international fairs

The T.E.M professional for international trade fairs collaborates with the company to identify your participation in fairs, exhibitions, system missions and promotional events, including virtual ones, to promote your business on new international markets. In essence it will take care of identifying interesting fairs for the development of your business, it will take care of planning, scheduling, participation in fairs; trade fair preparation and support; the organization and coordination of business visits; B2B meetings; entrepreneurial missions; investigations into the reliability of the future partner; linguistic and logistical assistance in the country. Support also to evaluate the possibility of accessing forms of financing and incentives. Collaborates closely and on pre-established objectives according to company objectives.

M.Ro implements the adoption of innovative strategies and business plans allowing small and medium-sized businesses to expand geographically and therefore compete internationally.
“We facilitate the penetration of SMEs into foreign markets, we help them define their entry strategy, destination and scale of internationalization.”


  • Evaluation of opportunities abroad and the construction of business strategies
  • Conducting market research
  • Marketing strategy writing
  • B2B strategic partnership search
  • Facilitation of meetings with local partners
  • Creation of sales networks and distribution channels
Today technology is reshaping markets and the industrial sector, with our experience in innovation management, we get involved alongside entrepreneurs and support them in the adoption of innovative practices. Improve corporate management, processes, and practices to innovate and compete more efficiently.
  • Conduct feasibility studies of projects and evaluate business ideas
  • Innovation management in commercialization: product development, financing
Many companies, mostly SMEs, miss the opportunity to receive funds to improve their organizations and therefore increase their capacity to innovate.
Lack of time and resources are the main reasons why this happens. Our team supports companies by facilitating and streamlining the process of accessing financing
Non-repayable loans are provided by public bodies or public financial companies through regional or national tenders to distribute the funds made available by the European Union or the Italian State, the Regions and the Municipalities
NON-REFUNDABLE FINANCING for digital marketing and internationalization are contributions that are allocated with the aim of strengthening the ability of small and medium-sized businesses to:
  • Consulting and/or training in the digital and export sector
    (Temporary Export Manager and Digital Export Manager – digitalisation
  • Creation and development of a platform
    IT or a marketplace
  • Consultancy and commercial support for preparation
  • of sector fairs and support at the fair
  • Web Marketing and Communication
  • Process innovation
The starting point of our consultancy activity is the definition of the most appropriate financing instruments for your project
For innovative Start-ups it only takes one click to enter the market, we are able to create the right environment to grow and allow businesses to access to financing.
“We offer business and management training for promising start-ups, and support them through to the investment phase.”</span >


  • Developing your own business
  • Support for accessing the Funds