MRo Corporate

As global entrepreneurs we foresee the changes and the opportunities in the worldwide markets, we are a synergy of practical experienced and well connected business professionals and entrepreneurs. M.Ro guides and empowers SMEs to excel their performance in management, financial and commercial activities. Moreover M.Ro supports private parties to create or develop entrepreneurial projects.

M.Ro Corporate devotes a profound know-how in leading organizations to perform at international level, powered by innovation management and industrial know-how.
In cooperation with entrepreneurs and top managers, we provide strategic assistance to SMEs leaders to grow and to reach their goals, as well we support them in navigating their expansion, and to streamlining the organization structure.


M.Ro adopts innovative strategies and executive plans in enabling successful small businesses to expand geographically and to compete internationally.
“We ease SMEs entries to foreign markets, we help them to define their entry strategy, destination and the scale of internationalization.”
  • Evaluation of opportunities abroad and building business strategy
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Building Marketing Strategy
  • B2B Strategic Partnership
  • Matching with Local Partners
  • Building sales and Distribution Channels
international gate support


Nowadays technology is remodeling markets and industries, with our profound expertise in innovation management, we turn the game to the side of entrepreneurs, when we support adopting innovative practices.
  • Improving corporate management, processes, and practices to innovate and compete efficiently.
  • Conducting Project feasibility and ideas screening.
  • Plugging innovation and effective practices into the enterprise value chain.
  • Managing Innovation commercialization: Product development, Financing.


Many SMEs miss the opportunity of receiving funds to improve their organizations and raise the ability of innovate, the lack of time and resources is a fundamental reason for that. Our team supports SMEs to have easy application process.
“We help clusters of SMEs to access European funds, we start this consultancy by defining the suitable fund instruments.”
  • Project management fund
  • Project valuation
  • Partnership management
  • Cooperation in Regional, National, Transnational and European projects.
  • Financial and Legal Assistance
europena f


Innovative start-ups need click to get into the market, we create the environment to grow and reach the fund stage.
“We offer business coaching times to promising start-ups, and we get them to investment stage.”
  • Business developments
  • Fund support